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Still Here

Salmon Fly Worked

Great Divide Attractor PatternSo I screwed up the titles on the pics. But all you good fisherman can tell which one is the big grayling.N

Nice Grayling

I mean brown trout.  It’s been a long day.

Big Hole River 6580 cfs

The river is finally dropping and fishing improving. Salmon flies are about done except for a few here and there. Large golden stone patterns are still working. Upper river has pmd’s, yellow sally’s and a few caddis.

Next three days the river will be crowded with lots  of recreational floaters. From Wise River down the river can still be very dangerous for rookies.

Another lost rod.  This one is below Dickie bridge and just below the old iron bridge that is no more. To be more accurate it is in shallow water near the baby poop color cabins. Can’t miss those. It is a Winston with the guys first name on it. Reward is offered. Again if you find it, please  do the right thing and contact me or Sunrise Fly shop in Melrose.

Happy 4th, good fishing and stay safe.


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