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Still Alive

Beaverhead Brown

Big Hole River 280 cfs—Maidenrock I got a phone call yesterday asking if I was still alive and kicking. Something about not seeing a report for some time. Just getting lazy I guess. There is still some top water action in the afternoon. Rusty spinners, small purple haze and chubby’s have been getting fish. I’m afraid that all will change starting Wednesday as the high temp. is forecast to be only 45 and 40 percent chance of snow. Rain or snow, bring it on. 

Read this article written by Dr. Paul Siddoway in last weeks Montana Standard. I totally agree with him to store some of the runoff water in tributaries in the upper valley. This would benefit everybody from water users, fisherman, recreationists. There are several places on public land where these impoundments could be built.  Unfortunately I don’t think it will ever happen. These days just to speak the word dam is a capital offense. Wouldn’t it be nice though to be able to maintain a flow in the Big Hole of around 500 cfs. It’s a great fishery now and with that flow it would be a fabulous fishery. Perhaps with enough pressure from all of us it is a possibility.

The flow is rising slowly with water users turning water back in the river. There are still several guides on the lower river using drift boats. You can hear these guys rattling through the riffles half mile away. Raft is the way to go now, nice and quiet.

Colors  now on the river are prime with all the yellow’s, reds and gold.


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