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Last couple times I was out at Somerset creek and beach it was pretty barren as there were very few fish to be found. Low tide was at 1:30 pm today which is just right for going out there. I got there just after noon and immediately came on a big school (about 200) and these were big fish. Two casts and I had fish follow the fly both times but wouldn’t eat. They were milling around close to me and I didn’t want to take the time to change the fly cuz I knew they would soon head out. Next cast I tried stripping real slow and it worked. A big one put his head down and ate it. For the next couple hours I got into lots of fish. Some were real spooky but others ate the fly readily. I’ve been to this area over the past few years several times but today was one of the best for numbers of fish. It’s easy wading and has a light bottom so even when it’s cloudy you can still see the fish. I didn’t see a small fish all day. All the fish were big which is typical for this time of year.

It looks like starting Sunday we are going to have a few days with very light winds so we will be off to the west side then.


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