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Found lots of bones today out at Somerset. Some days you go out there and nothing but today was great. I changed my tactic a bit and waded in the really shallow water going almost to Young Sound. I hooked two big fish. First one broke off on a piece of coral and the second, which was at least 7 pounds had me deep into the backing three times. When I finally got him close and was leaning on him hard, he suddenly broke loose. The fly was still on but the damn hook broke. It turned out to be one of the better days I have spent out there.

While I was selecting another fly a couple more schools came by. If you have a trained eye you can pick out the bonefish in every photo. One pic is a native with one of several box fish he caught. They are excellent eating.

I looked at the weather forecast for Divide, Mt. and it’s predicted to get down to minus 26 tonight. My sister in Chicago is looking at up to 2 feet of snow and cold. This huge system covers some 30 states. I hate to admit it but the weather here is excellent with high temps up to 80 for the next few days. Sorry about dat.


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