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Slight Delay

The weather the last couple days has been perfect with very light wind and lots of sun. It turned that way the day Jim, Sandy and Art left which is typical. Too bad it’s not going to last as strong winds and rain is predicted for the next couple days. We were going to leave for Williams Island tomorrow but it would not be the smartest move with that weather coming in. Looks like Christmas morning is going to be our best time to go.

Yesterday was great to be on the reef snorkelin and spearin fish for supper. Linda did all that while I followed around in the boat chasin sharks away in case they showed up. She speared a big mutton snapper which we dined on last night. Hank’s Place is closed Sunday and Monday so it was a great time to test out our one burner little camp stove which we are taking to Williams. The fish was excellent partly cuz I marinated it with the juice from a sour. This is the same fruit we use in making conch salads. It’s kinda like a cross between an orange and a lemon. It still was not complete without Eva’s special hot sauce.

Going on a little road trip today to check out some inland blue holes.


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