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Skwalla Action

Maidenrock Rams

It was good to see  those big full  curl rams in the Maidenrock area the other day. It has been quite awhile since we have seen them. Years ago they were plentiful and then disease hit and almost  wiped out the entire herd.

Top water action with skwallas has been great to say the least. A couple guys were in the shop the other  day and said they didn’t try any  skwalla’s because they didn’t see any. Fact is you very seldom see them but the fish know they are there. Only way to find out is tie on one of those big pattern and test the water. Those guys did yesterday and filed a super report with lots of  fish on top water and a twenty incher to top it offStill pretty cool but milder conditions by mid week is promised. River is fairly low at 725 cfs  and clear.

Remember we have moved to our old (new) fly shop next to the Blue Moon in beautiful downtown Divide. I was in that shop for many years previously when I leased it. Now I own it.


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