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Big Hole River 1340 cfs

Thinking back on some of the more humurous times that happened last winter on Andros Island I have to relate the story about Skirby.


He looks a little blurry but not sure if that was the camera or the way he always looks. Skirby is the swamper at Hanks Place, that is when he’s not plastered. I met him years ago. Jim, Sandy I were on the dock one eveninng and Skirby was being a pain in the butt. He kept hanging around trying to bum cigarettes or drinks. I finally told him “Skirby if you don’t leave us alone I’m gonna throw you off the dock and feed yer skinnny ass to  the sharks. He looked at Jim and pointed to me and said “he a mean mon”. Since that time Skirby and I have gotten along just fine.

Around Christmas this lady was staying in the room next to me. It was pretty obvious she was well acquainted with John Barleycorn. She would drink a full glass of straight whiskey and then start crying the blues to me. At this time I was the only other person staying at Hanks and they were closed for the holidays. A couple times she fell right over backwards in her chair and then flop around like a turtle on its back. Well one night quite late Skirby knocked on my door. He said John, John (for some reason he has always called me John). He said mon de lady be passed out in da bush and she be too heavy for me to carry. So I went with him and there she was laying in the bush whimpering. By this time I had just about enough of her and told her to quit her bawling and get up. She quit bawling and with a little help from Skirby  and I she got up and we got her to her room. She had passed out at a nearby watering hole and was very lucky as  this place is a  bit on the rough side and her pockets were full of hundred dollar bills.

It was pretty funny for some time after that as we all figured your in pretty tough shape to have to be carried home by Skirby.

The Big Hole River is still in good condition and rising slightly. Visibility is still good and fishing good with streamers and skwallas when conditions are right.


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