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Signs Up

Big Hole River 3840 cfs—Maidenrock

Thanks to the local FWP sargeant warden there are a couple signs up on the north bank when coming out of the Maidenrock Canyon. These warn of the danger in the left channel. They are placed far enough up river to give you plenty of time to go right. He saw the severity of the situation and wasted no time taking action.

I have heard stories about salvage rights on the river if a boat is capsized or wrecked or whatever. You do not have the right to take that boat. This is not the ocean. If you slid off an icy road and got stuck in the ditch with your vehicle, wouldthat give somebody else the right to tow it out and take it? Of course not and same thing goes for a boat in the river.

The river is dropping slowly and fishing last couple days has been good. May fly, pmd, yellow sallies working good. Also streamers with cloud cover.

Looks like the high temps. are only going to be in the low 60’s next couple days.


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