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Sight To See

Big Hole River 507 cfs Beaverhead River 389 cfs

The brown trout are in their full spawning mode right now. How do I know this? Amos and I take our walk every day along the river and beside the dam. Today the action was hot and heavy with brown trout trying their best to jump over the dam. A guide friend of mine from Dillon and his client stopped by the house and I told them you gotta come and see this. The client was totally amazed and also saddened that so few make it over. I told him that after watching for years and watching for long periods of time I figure about one in twenty make it over. You can watch a particular fish on his first attempt almost making it over. On the next try it is much shorter and on the 4th or 5th it is so exhausted it barely makes it a foot above the water. When do they finally give up? I don’t know.

By this time next year the new dam will hopefully be in place and I guarantee the fish will have no problem getting over it. It will probably be a series of weirs rather than one high wall dam.

I got my neighbor Patricia to bring her camera down to try to capture some of these fish on film. She had to be pretty fast with it and I think she got a handful of shots. If so they will be under the comments here shortly.


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