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Shopping Can Be Dangerous

The fishing here on the Big Hole remains very good. A person could not ask for better weather conditions the past few days. With the overcast predicted for tomorrow my choice would be streamers—imagine that. Tom’s comment about his choice is good and will work. Along with Pat’s Stone the old simple girdle bug with an egg dropper has also been working. The bacon and eggs is also doing producing.

Conditions are going to start cooling off this weekend but still good enough for those die hard’s who enjoy the solitude of the river this time of year. As for me, Erik’s comment is pretty much on line with Andros Island saying Hellooooooo.

As for the shopping deal which I hate anyway. I was in Wal-Mart a couple days ago and was checking out the vitamin selection. All of a sudden I heard this humming noise, a small scream and then this big crash just inches from me. What happened was this rather large lady was on one of those self propelled electric shopping carts and she had over loaded it and her stuff had apparantely fallen on the forward go fast button. In other words she was on a runaway motorized shopping cart. She missed me by inches and vitamins came tumbling over the place. Had she hit me I’m convinced I would have one or both broken legs. I left my push cart where it was with the stuff in it and went to Safeway where they don’t have those dangerous vehicles.


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