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Shapin Up

Big Hole River 5260 cfs—-Maidenrock

I’ve been gone for a few days taking care of a minor medical problem but I don’t think I missed much. However the river is dropping and the visibility is not bad at all. The people I talked to who have fished it the last couple days have had some good success. All nymphs and streamers and some dead spots but they said it was well worth being on the river.

As for the flow it’s hard telling what it will do next couple days with all the rain today. I don’t think it will raise much as the flow now on the upper river still shows it’s dropping. Also those who floated up higher said it didn’t rain much up there.

We have had several calls asking if the salmon flies are out yet. They like most bugs this season are going to be way late. The way this weather pattern is going they might not come out til July 4th. I’ m not complaining now as back in April we thought the river would be low by now. The Western Tanningers have been here looking for the big bugs for a couple weeks already.

This weekend doesn’t look too bad weather wise and next week is cool and cloudy.

If you do plan on floating the river soon be very careful as at this flow it doesn’t take much of a screw up to end in tradgedy.


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