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Salmonflies arrive on the Big Hole River!

The time of year has come for the famed Salmonfly hatch on the Big Hole. And, it hit just in time, as the water levels have dropped over the past few days, resulting in better clarity. We have seen the bugs from the lower stretches of the river (Glen), all the way to above East Bank. Craig found an impressive number of nymphs crawling to the banks in the upper river, so we expect to see a lot more bugs flying in the next couple of days.

If you plan on taking out at Browne’s Bridge, be aware that the river is high and fast there. You will have to pass under the bridge on river right, and row like crazy to hit the left side of the river at the ramp. If you are not experienced on the oars, you should plan on floating above East Bank. Despite the dropping river, we are still seeing higher than normal river flows for this time of year, so please be careful out there!!


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