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Salmon Flies

Biggest Fish Of The Day

Well it looks like Chuck had the winning date for the big bugs to be at Maidenrock. I just came back from there and there are several husks on the bridge abutment and in the grass. I didn’t see any flying but they definitely came  out and as warm as it is I expect many more to crawl out tonight. Down at Brown’s Bridge there were bugs in the air but talking to a couple guides the top water action was slow.

Yesterday we went up river and that nice brown in the pic was the highlight of the day. Rest of the day was fairly slow. There was no shortage  of bugs such as pmd’s, sally’s, caddis but not much action on top.

High for tomorrow is to be up to 80 and good weather  for  the rest of the week.

Flows will remain high especially below Wise River for some time yet. Floaters with  skiffs should avoid the  Dewey Canyon and the pump station dam—it will fill your boat.


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