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Rubber Band Man

If you ever make it to Andros Island you must make a trip up to Red Bays. This is the only settlement on the west side and it’s way up on the north west side. Entering Red Bays is like going into another world. This is where some of the older women weave the baskets while sitting back and puffing on their corn cob pipe. This is also the location of the master wood carvers such as Wilton, (aka, Rubber Band Man). Wilton is quite a character. He will grab his guitar and sing you a song just to get you in the festive mood. Then he will show his carvings and how they just happen to be on sale today. Actually they are really good and if you bought them in the states they would be ten times his price. Linda sent me some pics we took the last trip up there so will forward them to Patricia to get on the site. You can see his carvings and comment about the stage setting for all the baskets in the back ground. What you can’t see is a little pen in the trees behind that holds a wild pig. Another pic is a typical yard in Red Bays with all the boats. The men make their living off the sea whether it be sponging, lobstering or fishing. It’s quite a place and I for one can’t wait to go back.


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