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River Crested

Big Hole River 5840 cfs

After reaching 6000 cfs my crystal ball tells me the river has crested and is starting to drop. Of course this is also with the help of the USGS. It will stay pretty high for awhile but as long as it continues to drop The visibility will improve and it should start to fish in a few days. Now I didn’t say it would fish good but at least you won’t have trees and logs and such floating along side of you. If you do float the river in the next week or so, be really careful. If your a novice on the oars, wait until the river is a bit tamer. We did a shuttle for some people today who were just pleasure floating. When I got in their rig I noticed all their life jackets were neatly stacked in the back seat—not a smart move.

I talked to an outfitter friend of mine from Dillon to get a report on the Beaverhead and he said from Grasshopper Ck. down it’s muddy and high. From the dam down the only thing he said was that it was crowded. I can imagine so as it’s the only game around.


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