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Post Labor Day update

We hope everyone had a safe Labor Day weekend, we know some folks headed to hills for the opening the of the Big Game Archery season. Craig & I spent the majority of the weekend in Dillon helping with the annual Dillon Jaycees PRCA Rodeo and concert. Sold out crowds kept the Jaycees super busy, and we hope everyone enjoyed the show. It was a good one!

Fishing Updates for the Big Hole River: We are seeing the river hover between 200 and 225 cfs for the past week, and water temperatures are remaining around 62-63 degrees during the day, and dropping to the low fifties overnight. Longer nights are here, which means we should see the water temperatures stay in the safe zone for the remainder of the season. Floating certainly isn’t easy at this point. The fish have been looking up for terrestrial patterns, including hoppers, ants and chubbies. The trico hatch is still present, but a little later in the morning, after 10 AM. Some of our guides have been having luck on various moth patterns too, including caddis. Small buggers have been effective too, especially when some shade hits the water in the afternoon. Keep aiming for the riffles, drops and any water that has excess oxygenation.

Closures: The Big Hole remains closed to fishing above Dickie Bridge and below Maiden Rock FAS (AKA Dead Zone). Many restrictions on neighboring rivers have been lifted. Give us a call, or check the FWP website for updates!

Fire Updates: The Alder Creek and Christiansen fire finally joined up. Air quality has been pretty bad for the past 24 hours, and it sounds like we won’t get much relief until some weather moves in at the end of the week.

We are going to be getting calendars finalized for Andros Island 2022, so keep checking in for open dates for heading to the Bahamas in 2022. Low angling pressure for the past 16 months should result in excellent fishing!


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