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Pipe Man

Master carver Henry Wallace with Pipe Man

First photo is  Jim and Sandy and Sandy with another big cuda.  Next couple obviously is me and Henry with Pipe Man. I had ordered this carving a few weeks ago. I had no idea  it  was  going to be that big. And it’s heavy as it’s carved from a tree called horse  flesh which is about the  hardest wood  in the  Bahamas. This carving along with a couple others will be on display at my fly shop in a couple weeks.

Time is getting short here and the fishing is getting better  and  better. Oh  well, gotta leave  sometime. We found more tarpon yesterday and as usual was not ready as we didn’t expect to see them in that spot.

A little cloudy and windy today but we are still going up north a ways to an ocean flat  that has been fishing really good. Best time to be there is low tide and as the tide turns just stand at a certain spot picking off all the bones coming back onto the flat.


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