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Big Hole River 3270 cfs

It was basically a tough day at the office today. We got a few on streamers and a few on small dries and then a few on big dries. All in all it was fairly slow. Nymphs probably would have worked the best but Bob said he was not going to go to the dark side. Late in the afternoon when I thought things could not get worse, the east wind came blowing right up the river with a vengence. Bob was going to quit but I told him it ain’t over yet. I looked in my box and pulled  out the biggest, gawdiest dry fly I could find.  I told him, lets go for broke. Well guess what it worked. That nice brown gobbled that big fly so we finished the day on a high note.

Not sure what the weather is going to do. I look for the big bugs end of the week or early next week.


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