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Perfect Day

You could have not asked for better conditions that we had here yesterday. It was almost dead calm most of the day with a cloudless sky. I spent half of the day just cruising out toward the reef as the sea was like glass and it was like being in a glass bottom boat. I saw turtles, huge snappers, found a good conch patch and even saw the harbor master which is a six foot long barracuda that has been in the area for quite awhile. After my sight seeing trip I went up the creek to look for bones and they were not hard to find. Big Labowski flat was loaded with tailing fish and in that calm shallow water you could see schools of bones from quite a distance.

Dave and Zoe went with Tommy up to Red Bays where they had a great day. Lots of bonefish in the creeks and saw some permit and tarpon but no hookups on them.

Today looks to be a repeat of yesterday with light wind and very warm. As a matter of fact it is going to get hot with highs in the mid to upper 80’s for the next couple days.

Big Valentines Day party here at Hank’s tonight with steak and lobster being served.


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