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Perfect Day

Stoned Architect

Don’t know  what kind of drugs that guy was on when he built that house but I bet it was good  stuff. This is just north of Andros Town near Love Hill.

What a perfect day it was today. Winds less than five mph and blue sky all day. Tommy and Dennis went to Red Bays and I’m waiting for a report from them. They could not have picked a more perfect day to go there.

As for Hank and I it was back to a little competition bottom fishing outside the reef. It was pretty even for awhile and after we moved to another drop he started catching four or five to my one. I accused him of not throwing any chum on my  side of the boat. He said you saw me throw a conch  shell on each side. But I told him he never put the chum in the shell he threw on my side. I’m not sure how many fish we caught but it was a lot. I have a big plastic wash tub I keep in my boat to use as a stripping basket and it was near full. Strawberry grouper, yellowtail snapper, porgy’s, grunts etc. All pretty tasty fish.

Another great day forecast for tomorrow with temps. approaching ninety.


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