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Big Hole River 4210 cfs—Maidenrock

I do believe the flow on June 7th at 6380 cfs was the high crest for this year. All though the present flow is much above average I don’t think it will spike that high again. It has been dropping a couple hundred cfs a day and that’s a good thing. The cool weather is melting that high snow slowly.

It was a bright warm day today and the sun felt great but it didn’t help the fishing. Top water action was a bust and streamers were close behind but big stone fly nymphs did great. There were lots of boats in the lower section looking for the big bugs but alas they were not to be found. Truth be known the salmon fly hatch on the lower stretch is spotty at best. As to when they will appear in this neck of the woods, I have no idea. Tomorrow is going to be warmer than today and then Tuesday cooling off with clouds and possible rain which will make for good streamer fishing. This cool wet pattern is expected to last a few days. (I got more double screamers coming in tomorrow) With the warmer temps tomorrow there may be some caddis action.

As for the peak flow if anybody has a different reading, let me know but I think that is pretty close. So who is the winner?


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