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Packin Up

It’s a good day to be packin and cleanin up as it’s been raining all morning. So there is no craving to go out for one last bonefish. I can’t believe I’ve been here 3 months already but now it’s time to go.

We didn’t get the weather window we were looking for to go on another extended camping trip on the remote west side and Williams Island. We did manage to go on a one day trip out of Red Bays on Saturday. We went about half way down to Williams Island but when we cruised on to the flats there, to our dismay the water was still milky from the steady west wind last week. The trip was still well worth it as the sea that morning was like glass. We found this big creek going inland and went up it for some distance. There were big bones in it and several turtles which thrilled Sandee. From there we decided to check out Cross Cays which are just out from Red Bays because we knew when we left the water up there was clear. There are some nice wadeable flats around those Cays and we tied into a couple big cudas which there was definitely no shortage of.

We visited with my friends in Red Bays. Gerald who owns the store and takes care of our rig when camping and gives invalueable info about the west side. If there is places we should not go he tells us. Also got some more wild boar tusks from Wilton P. Russell the master carver. Wilton was anxious to show his new carving which got him first place in the North Andros arts and crafts expo. If you are ever fortunate enough to go to Red Bays it is a must to stop and see Wilton. Tell him Al said to sing his welcome to Red Bays song.

I have notes from Audrey to do another couple story’s when I get back.

Reliable Johnny will be here at 0600 sharp tomorrow morning to catch the Le Air flight to Nassau.

So until next year, adios from Andros and back to the Big Hole.


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