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One More Day

For most of the morning it seemed I had this black cloud over my head constantly. There would be sun to the east a couple miles and I would jump in the boat and race in that direction but it seemed that the clouds just followed me there. I just about gave up on sight fishing for bones and go bottom fishing the channels for snapper when the sun started peeking through and in no time most of the clouds dispersed. I raced back to the flat where I saw some big ones yesterday and spotted them about a hundred feet away. These big boys are really spooky and I knew I couldn’t get much closer. They were slowly coming my way and I laid the fly out at least forty feet in front of them. As luck would have it the tide carried my fly directly toward them (some times the fish gods are good to you and everything goes perfectly). When they got close to the fly I gave it one long strip and the big one turned on it and instantly ate it. He screamed off to my right and I knew right away I was in trouble as he was taking my line across some sharp coral some of which sticking out of the water a few inches. I couldn’t stop him and in just a few seconds my line was cut. I smiled as I watched his wake go off in the distance. This particular point is treacherous to wade as it has a lot of holes and sharp coral but for some reason the big boys like it here and it was all worth it even for just a few seconds.

Tomorrow is my last day and I,m going back to the same spot to see if I can tie into another one of those lunkers.


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