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Oh Ye Of Little Faith

Big Hole River 601 cfs

Another good day on top water action, Caddis, mayflies, moths and ants all produced fish at different times of the day. I heard the mid river top water action was a bit slow. We started to see some tricos until the north west wind came along again and blew them off.

As we were nearing the end of the trip and getting close to the ramp, Bob started to reel up his line. I asked what he was doing since we still had about a hundred feet to go and I said more than once we hauled a big brown right to the ramp. He gave me that look like that’s more of that guide bull crap. But he made  a cast any way. A big brown hit the fly but he had a big loop in the line and it got off. He started to reel up this line again and I said we still have fifty feet to go. So he humored me and made another half hearted cast and another big brown nailed the fly. End result we netted this 19 inch brown right on the concrete ramp. Bob kept shaking his head in disbelief as I repeated “oh ye of little faith”.


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