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There was very little wind this morning and when I looked outside my room Hank already had the boat loaded and ready to go. We headed to the south buoy and about half way there the wind picked up and it did get pretty rough. We had his small boat as it’s faster but we were taking a beating and it was hang on or your gone. Our first pass near the buoy and we hooked up two dolphin (dorado) right off the gitgo. I had mine right next to the boat when a shark came up behind it and completely bit the lower half of my fish off. Hank had a piece of rebar for a persuader and I was trying to whack it in the head. From that point on we had to get our fish in the boat as quickly as possible as there were sharks all over the place It was a bit rough and we were doin some rockin and rollin but it was a kick. For a person prone to get sea sick this would not have been much fun. I will have to be honest and admit I did catch the biggest fish again. Hank had a really big one on for quite awhile but it gave one olympic style jump and spit the hook. We came into the dock with about 10 fish so there will be fresh dorado on the menu at Hank’s this evening. Big Jim and his friends went out to Somerset and had a great time. They found schools of bones and Jim said they broke off two big ones.


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