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Nymphs vs Streamers

Big Hole River 456 cfs

Yesterday was one of the worst days I have had all season. We did the nymph thing and I think I tried 20 different patterns. Very little success with any of them. Even resorted to the turd n a worm. Maybe it was the stretch we were on but it was not good. We also had cloud cover most of the day.

Now today it was bright and cool and we whacked em on streamers. The guys today are streamer junkies and they could get the job done. With the cooler water temp. we had to change technique and slow down. This produced lots of nice fish. We broke off a couple big ones by perhaps being too agressive. We caught fish in slow water, riffles, behind rocks and all over the river. This morning was pretty chilly also as up til about noon they had to break ice off the guides. What a difference a day makes. Last night I was in a lousy mood and tonight? I think I’ll go party.


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