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Not Over Yet

Big Hole 2740 cfs and dropping. temp 51

All though the last two days have been tough fishing due to a rising river and cool windy conditions the salmon fly hatch is not over. As we were pulling out of the river on the upper stretch around 9:oo pm yesterday we saw several bugs crawling out. It was the most fun we had all day. We did a late half day trip and only caught 7 fish and none of them were any thing to brag about. With warmer temps. on the way and the river receding it should be good again.

Bob Hartwell from Uncle Bob’s Outdoors in Dillon said the Beaverhead is floatable again and that a few pmd’s are showing up.

I noticed the Missouri below Holter is flowing at 6360 cfs. That section needs a good flushing. It has been flowing around 3000 cfs for the past few years. I believe Canyon Ferry Dam is just about full so their starting to dump some out.


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