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Not Bad

Big Hole River 2520, water temp. 54

Just when everybody figured the river would be blown out big time it is dropping and the fishing is pretty good. The guys who went up  river today didn’t get a hell of a lot of fish but they got 3 over twenty inches—-that’s pretty damn good fishing.

The NOAA now changed their prediction that the river would hit the 7 foot flood stage by this weekend down to 3.8 feet.

The river will get really high but not for a couple more weeks at least. Historically the peak flows are the end of May and first of June.

I predict the river will fish good the next few days. It is dropping and visibility is getting better. I just came back from a little walk to the river. I had 2 flies with me. A size 10 skwalla and a size 18 mayfly as a dropper. I got fish on both, all bows and nothing over 15—-made me happy.  I may be wrong with my prediction but I’m sticking with it.

Big caddis hatch soon!!!!


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