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No Fish

Weather has been lousy but improved some today. Went to an ocean flat and got skunked. It happens man, the fish were just not there. I saw one small ray, two small sharks and one bonefish in the distance. This was in a area where I usually always get into lots of bones. When I got back Hank and his brother were sitting around this table and when I approached them they said “tough day fishing wasn’t it” I thought now how the hell do they know and I could lie and say I caught dozens but they already knew better. Neither one of these guys fly fish but they are island boys born and raised and they know when conditions are not good. With all the rain the last few days and cooler temps the fish are off their feed, even the ones out in the deep water according to Hank. Now tomorrow with good conditions forecast he says the fishing will be awesome offshore and on the flats. The fish have not been feeding for a couple days and will be on the bite. Sounds good to me and I hate to admit it but he is usually right.


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