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New Dam

There was a meeting earlier this week with the engineering firm and the advisory committee (which I’am on) getting the latest updates concerning the rebuilding of the Butte Water Co. dam here on the Big Hole.

HKM Engineering has been meeting with Fish, Wildlife, Parks, EPA and several other agencies which whom they will have to get permits from. According to Dick Talley, chief engineer, the permitting process has been somewhat slow but is progressing.

Several of the previous proposals have been scrapped due to the fact the point of diversion must remain in basically the same location. Options three and four do now seem to be the favorites and have met with approval from the Fish and Game. They allow easy fish and boat passage. Personally I’am against option three as it would constitute building a new pump station just east of the old station and would block my view of the river. I kinda like sittin in my easy chair or on the porch and watching what’s happenin on the river. It may be a bit selfish on my part but that’s the way it is.

There will be a public meeting coming soon on the final proposals.

Construction is still scheduled to start next summer and be completed in the fall.

If you have any comments or input regarding this new dam you can e-mail them to me and I will forward them to HKM.


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