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More Snow

It may have been a dryer than normal winter with the lack of snow but since I’ve been back it seems like it has been snowing almost every day. I woke up to 6 inches of the white stuff in my yard this morning. Fishing has been good using an assortment of nymphs and small streamers. Temp. is forecast to be in the 50’s thursday so that will be a good day to try some skwala patterns on top.

Erik just returned from Andros Island and his group had some interesting times. He told me while on the west side they were looking forward to good weather which was forecast. Light east winds, perfect conditions for there. On the first day somebody must have ticked off the fish gods as the wind switched around to the west and started blowing with a vengence. That’s a killer over there as the water turns milky and there is no place to seek shelter other than going up one of the creeks. They headed north to the Joulters and had a great day there. The following day the fish gods raised hell again and a bad storm started to blow in. It was bad enough that Hermon decided to abandon camp and make a dash back to Lowe Sound.

There were some interesting comments regarding first aid and the treatment of Hermon’s hand. Apparently bleach is not the answer and it sounds like Mike knew what he was talking about with the betadine and duck tape. When I was bit by the barracuda and had the root stem impale my foot I was fortunate that Sandee had a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide. After that incident with Hermon I will definitely renew the contents of the first aid kit we take along on the west side. This is a remote area and you need to go prepared. One thing to remember as Hermon learned the hard way. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN A CAN WITH A MACHETE.


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