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More Snow

Fishing conditions today pretty much are the pits. The river came up to 2000 and visibility is about a foot. Not to mention the high temp. today only got to 38. That’s at least 15 degrees below normal. So here we go again about this global warming thing??? Ok I won’t go there. The river should start to level off and with a forecast of 20 degrees tonight I  believe it  will start to drop.

I just took a walk over to the dam and was surprised at the height of the wave in the boat chute. It’s not quite a standing or rooster tail but it’s close and just about 5 feet high. It will be interesting to see what will happen when the river gets real high. As for now I suggest beginners stay clear. If you go through it be sure your boat is straight and pull back hard on the oars to ride up on it. Or if you wanna get wet just push on the sticks and you will get drenched.


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