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More Big Fish

This made Mike's day. 07/07/2011

Big Hole River 4920 cfs

The river seems to get better  and better  fishing  with each day. In the last four  days we  have managed to boat several large fish and best of all, on  top water flies.

Today again it was with golden stone patterns, size 8 and 10.

Just before Jay got that fish he had another big fish hit his fly and he did the two handed bass set that would have snapped  butt section line. I told him, just a little easier on the set next time. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes and he  struck this one and did a perfect job. A short time later his buddy Mike got another big one. That is the biggest brown Jay has ever caught and I’m sure his adrenaline is still pumping. That broad smile  tells it all.

Forecast for tomorrow is a bit  cooler and quite  windy so leave the 4wt at home.


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