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Missouri Trip

Big Hole 170 cfs Beaverhead 155 cfs

Fishing on the Missouri the last couple days was not as good as I had hoped it would be. We basically stayed with hoppers and picked up some nice brown’s and rainbows but it was inconsistent to say the least. I was getting a bit frustrated yesterday with using different hopper patterns so I finally tied on the biggest, ugliest fly in my arsenal which had rubber legs hanging all over the place and looked like a sparrow floating down the river. I’ll be damned if it didn’t produce two 18+ inch brown trout. Griff broke off a huge brown trout on a x-hopper. He was using a knotted leader and it broke off at the second knot below the butt section. Personally I’m not a great fan of knotted leaders. With today’s technology with tapered leaders, why use the knots. The old story that they turn over better was true at one time but not any more. I also hate loop connections as I am the one that has to untangle the fly’s from the loop. Keep it as clean as possible. While I’m on it I also don’t like the braided butt sections that a lot of company’s are pushing. Try and take two fly’s out of that stuff on a windy day and you will know why. Any way this morning I talked the guys into trying some streamers before the sun hit the river and had immediate success, but it was short lived as when the sun hit the water they stopped hitting them.

The forecast for the next couple days is warm and sunny but starting Friday and for following five days rain showers and much cooler.


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