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Merry Christmas

Dead calm in Fresh Creek Harbor

In this photo you can also see  the new Government dock on the right that they just completed.

This past week you could not ask for better weather. I finally got serious about the bonefishing. A couple days ago I went way up  the creek and found lots of schools of bonefish.  Couldn’t find any big ones but had lots of action.

This is a story that is too funny and I will probably get in trouble telling it.

The other day Hank was in the process of repairing a broken spinning rod. He had the rod in one hand and had wrapped line around the broken part before he glued it. With his free hand he put the cap with the tube of super glue in his teeth to unscrew it. He accidentally squeezed the tube and shot super glue on his lips. He is then trying to part his lips with  his fingers. All of a sudden he gets  this super urge to pee and so he does. Now his hand is glued to his tally whacker. He used a dental  pick to get his lips apart and I don’t have any idea how he got the other apart and I don’t want to know. Hey man you  can’t make this stuff up. I told him he should not have told me this as now I’m gonna have to write about it. I’ll probably catch hell but his was too funny not to share it.

Merry Christmas from me and  Hank, Eva, Darlene, Kim and Sprey here on Andros Island.


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