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Memorial Day Mayhem

The weekend has been a success.  The shop is busy, shuttles are steady, and we clearly need to stock night crawlers for the Butte contingent.  Last night the owners of GDO took the liberty of camping at Salmon Fly access in Melrose.  The fire was hot and the beer was cold and George Strait was amazing.  This morning is a little foggy but the coffee is working its magic.

Today Al, George Peck, and I are heading up river to see if we can’t scare up a big boy or two.  I am only bringing my seven weight in hopes that I might need it.  The sky’s are blue but the weather is suppose to deteriorate as the day goes on which should bode well for the streamer bite.  I will be updating this post this evening with more information and pictures…Thanks to everyone who visited the shop and has been keeping up with the blog over the past couple months.  We are all focused on the fishing but please remember what today is for, GDO supports our troops, past and present, thank you for your service and dedication.  Shuttles are $10 off for veterans and active members of this great country.


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