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Lots Of Water

Wow, I should have waited until after I made a trip up to Wisdom to predict the peak flow. Went there yesterday afternoon and there is water running every where. Not only that but the high mountains are still solid white. There is more water than most realized. The river came up over 2 thousand cfs last night. There have been several predictions. I for one am quitting to try and guess the max flow. Here are the predictions so far: Tom, June 13th—4940 cfs. (he’s already blown out of the water) Rick, June 12th—7150 cfs Terry, June 17th—8100 cfs John, June 21st—6000 Steve, June 11th 7500 cfs Sean, June 14th—6490 cfs Korea Marc, June 18th, 7650 cfs Scott, June 18th—5850 cfs (he’s out) Allen, June 11th—8900 cfs Mark, June 18th—8270 cfs Todd, June 19th—7240 cfs The winner will get 30 minutes of free advise from Roger or Art.

It was sad to see the Big Hole Crossing resturant and the Wisdom River gallery gutted by fire last weekend. I heard Daryl and Kay are going to rebuild the gallery.

Present flow at Maidenrock 6330 cfs and rising


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