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Lots Of Fish

Today was a perfect day for hunting the ghosts of the flats. Not a cloud in the sky, just a slight breeze and temps. in the mid 80’s. The fishing was excellent—-now I say the fishing was excellent but the catching was not real great. John and Bob were with me and John is a novice fly caster and has never fished for bonefish. When practice casting he was doing fine after I got him to quit breaking his wrist on the back cast. The problem was that when a bonefish was near every thing went to hell. When there were no bones around and he would practise cast there would be a nice tight loop and he would lay it out about fifty feet and I told him that’s all you need. I remember my first time bonefishing with my friend Tarpon Doug in the Florida Keys. When we got on a fish I was casting so fast my loops were nothing but a big circle. These guys are going with Herman tomorrow to the Joulters and the weather forecast is for ideal conditions. I told Herman I would have them ready to cast to dem bones and I think they are. Some of the places we fished today where I thought we would be into them there were none. However in other places we went to there were lots. Singles, pairs and three big schools. At one point we had fish from 9 to 3 on the boat. All in all it was a great day with lots of activity.


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