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Lost Items

Big Hole River 1100 cfs

A couple of lost items and both of them at Jerry Creek access on Sunday, June 24th. A lady left her fly vest there and would very much like to get it back. Lots of good stuff in it. Also Jason Furr–571-265-8479 lost his Winston IM6 5wt, 3 piece, 9 foot with a Lamson V2 reel on it. If you have found any of these items please do the right thing. On the vest you can contact me or Wade Fellin at Big Hole Outfitters.

Yesterday again was a banner day for top water action. Also the biggest brown we caught all day was in no more than 6 inches of water. It is getting that time to fish the skinny stuff for those big boys. If floating down the river and the left side is a shallow riffle and the right is a deep run which would you fish?

Warm and dry for the forecast with maybe a few showers and breezy tomorrow.


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