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Losing The View

New View

The reason I have not given a fishing report lately is simply because there is not much to report.

I closed the shop last week for the winter. If anybody still wants a shuttle or anything from the  shop, just give me a call. The next actual fishing report I will give will probably be from Andros Island. I plan on being there first week of December. I know some of you can’t wait to get fishing reports from there and others that basically quit reading the report until next spring.

The photo is of the new pump station being built by Butte-Silver Bow water company. I fought this thing as much as I could, but like the old saying “you can’t fight city hall”. There will be six new pumps in that building. In the past Butte got 60 to 70 percent of their water from the Big Hole. With this new pumping station they are planning on getting 100 percent of their water from the Big Hole which figures to be about 12 million gallons a day.


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