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Keep Strippin

Great day today with lots of sun and little wind. The fish were cooperating also as this was about the best day I have had since I got here. My feet hurt as I did a long walk but it was worth it. I was at a place I call bottle flat for obvious reasons. I fished this shore line quite a few times before and usually always found fish but today there were lots of fish. For the first hour or so most of the fish I saw were singles or pairs but they were big fish. I was using a tan shrimp pattern and it was hit and miss. I would present it to a certain fish and the thing would blow out of the country as soon as it saw it. Next time when the fish saw the same fly it would charge it and gobble it.

As for this strippin thing, I had two fish today that took the fly and were hooked for just a second and then the fly came out. The instinctive thing to do is pick it up and cast again—–wrong. Keep stripping. It took me several years learning to not pick it up. On both these fish today after they were hooked just briefly I kept stripping and both charged the fly and took it again and I landed both.


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