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Jefferson River

Big Hole 332 cfs Beaverhead 460 cfs Jefferson 554 cfs

Just for a change of scenery if for no other reason we floated the Jeff yesterday. I knew the fishing would be tough with the bright sun and temps in the upper 80’s. It felt more like July than mid September. Conditions were not good for streamers but being a streamer junkie I had to try it anyway. About the third cast I had a huge brown boil on the fly, I wish this would have never happened because it only got me tired arm and a groove wore through my finger with that sharkskin line (forgot the tape) That was the only action on a streamer and believe me it was not for a lack of trying. Bob and Andy were doing the hopper-dropper deal. There was very little action on the hopper but they were picking up fish here and there on the dropper. Late in the afternon we came on a couple pods of feeding bows and that was fun as they could not resist the purple haze.

The Jeff is actually in pretty good shape. There is a good flow and a little grass and moss floating down but easy to deal with.

A little trick I found out from one of Lefty’s articles when streamer fishing especially with sharkskin line. Stick the rod tip under water when you start the strip. This will lubricate the line and be much easier on your finger.

Forecast for tomorrow is much cooler and showers in the morning.


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