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Jefferson River

Big Hole River 469 cfs—Maidenrock

We floated the Jefferson river a couple days ago and all in all it was a bit of a let down. Streamer fishing was difficult as there was a lot of moss and about every third cast we would be mossed up. It was a bright day also which is not the best for streamers. There was some top water action on mahogany duns. At one point I tied on a big hopper just for the hell of it. Second cast I had a big fish hit and miss the fly. A couple casts later I had another good size fish hit and I stuck that one. We thought wow, this is going to be great hopper fishing here on out. We got two more hits on hopper patterns and that was it. I’m not giving up on it yet. As soon as we get some cooler weather that moss will be gone and on a cloudy day it should be good fishing.

Speaking of cloudy days, the Big Hole has been great with streamer action on such days. There is still top water action mostly mid afternoon.

I have had several inquiries as to when the pump station section will reopen. It will be closed for pretty much all the rest of this season but definitely open next spring.

I like Korea Marc’s comment on streamer fishing and how it affects his manlihood. Perhaps we could get Marc to give us a report as to what type of trout fishing is going on over there.

Good repots have also been coming from the Beaverhead and on a cloudy day like today it should be good chuckin and duckin action.


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