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It’s A Dog’s Life

A little while ago I took the dogs for a walk along the river. I really didn’t want to because it’s really cold along with a strong north wind. It seems the colder it gets the better they like it. Every time I stepped outside they were jumping and running around in anticipation of going for a walk, so I finally gave in. Allie, my six year old Newfy who has been kind of lazy lately was going nuts and Amos my four month old Great Pyrenees pup was burrowing his head through the snow and then laying upside down rolling around as if to make snow angels. In the mean time I was freezing. I had a heck of a time to turn them back toward the house as we only went a fraction of the way we usually do. Through the night even at twenty below zero they prefer to stay outside. The only time they want in is at first light when they start pawing at my bedroom window so I get up and let them in. Then it’s a mad dash back under the covers with both of them climbing on top of me. I shouldn’t let them do that but what the hell. I think they get a kick out of shoving their cold noses on me.

Just a couple moments ago I heard this terrible ruckus out on the porch with growling and then a wimper. I ran down stairs and out the door to find Amos standing behind Allie and both of them looking off in the dark. There was some blood on the porch but after checking both of them none of it was from them. Allie watches over that pup like he was her own.

Newfoundlands along with Great Pyrenees are very docile and easy going until someone of something threatens them or their home. I just wish I could teach them to row a boat.


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