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Big Hole River 150 cfs Beaverhead River 266 cfs Jefferson River 356 cfs

Today’s edition of the Montana Standard carried a front page article about the investigations concerning those diversion dams. They confirmed with the Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife & Parks that they are under official investigation. The article stated that Dick Oswald who is the local biologist for the DFWP would not comment on the out come as it is still under investigation. In a phone converstion with Dick just a short while ago, he assured me those barriers on the two dams I filed the official complaint on would be removed soon. He did not give me a definite date but just said soon. Of course in the article my name popped up as the official complainer. According to the polls my popularity with fisherman all over the country has grown by leaps and bounds. Alas the same cannot be said with many of my neighbors who are ranchers. I was born and raised on a cattle ranch and I understand their concerns and the need for water. However some of them crossed the line and I was not going to stand by and let them go on with it.

Some irrigators have what is called a 310 maintenance permit,this allows them to enter the river and maintain their dams whenever they feel the need without filing for a new permit. I don’t agree with it but the way the law stands now they have this legal right and the only way to change it is through legislative action which might be a tough cookie to sell.

I have heard reports that now some people are filing complaint reports in a sort of helter skelter way. With out having documentation, photos, dates, legal ownership data and such, these do absolutely no good.

There is good news across the hill to the east. As of yesterday the Jefferson River reopened to fishing. I have not been able to get a report on it as far as moss conditions and such which means we will probably have to an R&D trip there tomorrow.

Forecast is for cool conditions with a sixty percent chance of rain tomorrow. Andrew Hansen who is the manager of the Complete Fly Fisher up the road is doing his special rain dance. Maybe that’s where he got the nick name Dancin Hansen.


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