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Increased Flow

Big Hole River 316 cfs Beaverhead 504 cfs

There was an article in the Montana Standard this morning quoting Dick Oswald who is a FWP biologist. He said he did not think they would be closing the upper stretch of the Big Hole this year because of recent rains and cooler water temps. In past years when they closed this portion from Wisdom to Mud Creek it would hit the media and they would portray the whole river was closed. This is a 20 mile stretch on the upper river that is too low and mossy to fish and is closed to outfitting. Personally I wish they would close it permanently.

The last couple days there have been very few spruce moths but fishing remains good with tricos, comparaduns, small adams and hoppers on the lower river.

Chuck Robbins from Dillon told me that the Beaverhead has been a bit slow the last few days.


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