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In search of the hoppers

Big Hole 252cfs Water temp. 63 Beaverhead 258cfs

Yesterday Art and I both had the day off so we decided to float the lower Beaverhead all the way down to Anderson Lane in search of some big hopper feeding fish. Well we found them but not very many. The smallest was 16 inches and the biggest was 20, but we only boated 5. I'm sure we could have caught a lot more if we had gone to nymphs but we were stubborn about it and if they weren't going to hit a hopper then the hell with them. The moss wasn't too bad and there were plenty of deep holes and runs where we could have fished nymphs if we were so inclined.

The Big Hole is fishing the same with plenty of tricos and spruce moths in the morning. The next couple days are supposed to be pretty warm. Late aflternoon the water temp. is approaching 70. Until it cools down in a couple days I would advise that by mid afternoon to just leave them alone. If not released properly and quickly and even though they seem okay you will kill them. Also leave the 2 wt rods at home. Use a rod that will get the job done quickly and if you break them off so what. The Big Hole is a great fishery, let's keep it that way. By monday the forecast is for cooler temps. and showers.


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