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I meant the lip of the fish

I told this guy the best place to  hook a fish is in the lower lip. I guess he misunderstood. Just kiddin of course and these things do happen at times like it did there to Jack. However the leader technique for removing works great and this is an easy one.

Temps. are warming up and the best fishing is mornings and evenings during these hot days. Lots and lots of caddis in the evening and later the better. I mean up to and including the last hour of daylight. I’m not a great fan of fishing at these times because it interferes with my evening cigar and glass of wine but for you diehards this is the best time.

My best mid day action has been with big mayfly patterns and chubby’s.

There is a misprint in the newspaper today. The article stated I live and work on Andros Island in the winter. I definitely do not guide or work on Andros. I do refer clients to certain Bahamian guides who I feel will give them the best trip.


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