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I Give Up

Hank and I went out to the reef again today and it was something I hate to talk about. We were using the same bait and fishing in the same area. Matter of fact at times I would actually cross his line. Nothing worked, it was disgusting. At the end of the day he had around 30 and I had 2. I told him now you really are pissin me off and I don’t think I wanna go fishing wid you any more. There were some pretty good waves out there and occasionally they would break completely across the bow on that skiff. I told him I was getting sick and wanted to go home. That didn’t work either.

We got back to the dock and I told him the reason I didn’t catch any fish is so I wouldn’t have to clean them. Unlike you which will take a couple hours to clean all those fish. I went and got my fly rod and headed out to a flat to get at least a bonefish fix. First school I spotted, perfect conditions. Sun at my back, light breeze and happy fish coming my way. I laid the fly in front of them and thought this is almost too easy. They didn’t even look at the fly. They passed by me at no more than 10 feet away and I swore I saw one of them give me the middle fin. Ten minutes later here comes another school and same results. I finally did manage to hook one and it was on for a total of about 3 seconds. The fish gods were not happy with me for some reason today.

Weather for the rest of the week looks good with light wind and lots of sun.


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