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Hopper, Dropper

Big Hole River 392 cfs

Yesterday was the first time I got the fish to hit a hopper pattern with some consistancy. We put a nymph dropper under it and it waa about even as to which fly they took.

The mid morning trico fishing seems to be getting harder and harder as the fish are starting to get real finicky. They were actually hitting a size 12 purple haze more than the trico pattern.

The weather pattern is starting to change as of today. High temps for the next few days are forecast to be in the low 60’s with lots of clouds and some showers. Big flies such as black magic and gypsy king’s should work. For the streamer junky’s the Big Hole and Beaverhead both should have good action on those patterns.

As for today it’s rodeo time down at Dillon. It’s Montana’s biggest Labor Day weekend party.


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